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UIC Center on Psychiatric Disability & Co-Occurring Conditions

Explore our five-year research and training program to improve well-being and quality of life among people with psychiatric disability and co-occurring medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. We have pod casts, curricula, decision trees, and other new products that you can use to reduce health disparities. Visit the web site for the new Center


The Center provides a series of tools to advance self-determination and person-driven services for use by people with psychiatric disabilities.

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The National Research and Training Center on Psychiatric Disability (NRTC) promotes access to effective consumer-driven and community-based services for adults with serious mental illness. The Center is located at the University of Illinois at Chicago in the Department of Psychiatry.

To enhance use of evidence-based practice in mental health and rehabilitation, a program of rigorous research examines the outcomes of recovery self-management models, consumer-to-consumer education, self-directed healthcare financing mechanisms, Medicaid-funded peer services, consumer-operated programs, and return-to-work services.

The Center provides data-driven information, technical assistance, and training that foster evidence translation, systems transformation, and workforce development. Training and education include projects on consumer leadership development, client self-advocacy, peer provider certification, financial asset development, preparing for research careers, and inpatient seclusion and restraint reduction.

An innovative academic curricular transformation effort incorporates principles of recovery and evidence-based practice into university instruction in the medical, social, and behavioral sciences. Also offered are online workshops, web casts, web-based continuing education courses, and a state of the science national summit held in April 2009.

APA Press Release on Center's WRAP Research!

Online support group study for mothers with a psychiatric disability

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NEW One-Stop Source for Information on MH Self-Directed Care

Latest Findings on WRAP as Evidence-Based Practice
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Financial Ed Curriculum Now Available for Download

Free Cultural Competency Guidebook and Assessment Tool for Peer-Run Programs and Self-Help Groups

New Report on Asset Development for People in Mental Health Recovery

Self-Determination: The Fierce Urgency of Now An Invitational State of the Science Summit

New Webcast: Evidence-Based Practice: What It Is and Why It’s Important to Family Advocates

New Webcast: "Promoting Mental Health Recovery Through Evidence-Based Supported Employment"

Download presentation: "Effectively Managing Your Illness & Finances" [PDF 476K]

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Webcast on Systems Advocacy

New Curriculum: Financial Education for Persons in Recovery

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Floyd and Hudson Win Award
WRAP Study Coordinators win Advocacy Award

Bridges Training
Building BRIDGES in Tennessee-
Randomized controlled trial study

WRAP Training
Center launches WRAP randomized controlled trial study in Ohio

Peer Support Outcomes Protocol for evaluating mental health self-help, peer support & consumer-operated programs

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