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/Training and Education : Toolkit and Training on Assessing Cultural Competency in Peer-Run Mental Health Programs

Working collaboratively with the NAMI Support Technical Assistance and Resource (STAR) Center, the UIC Center developed a cultural competency toolkit for use by mental health peer-run programs and self-help groups. The toolkit is also applicable to traditional mental health and rehabilitation programs. The project involved the following components.

  1. A comprehensive review of existing tools for assessing cultural competency in human services organizations.
  2. A web-based survey of peer-run programs to determine their current needs and practices in delivering culturally competent services and supports.
  3. Focus groups and interviews with individuals from diverse backgrounds who attend or staff peer-run organizations.
  4. Creation of an organizational assessment and accompanying guide for administering the assessment and using it to create a multi-pronged organizational action plan.
  5. Formation of a multi-stakeholder, external expert review team to provide feedback on the assessment and administration guide.
  6. A pilot test of the toolkit by 9 peer-run organizations to determine the utility of the cultural competency assessment and action planning toolkit.

Download the Peer Program Cultural Competency Toolkit:


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