University of Illinois at Chicago
Department of Psychiatry
Center on Mental Health Services Research and Policy

Peer Outcomes Protocol Project

/ Project Personnel

Missouri Institute of Mental Health (MIMH)
University of Missouri-Columbia

Jean Campbell, PhD
Kimberlee Einspahr, PhD (formerly of MIMH)
Richard Evenson, PhD

University of Illinois at Chicago

Judith A. Cook, PhD
Jessica A. Jonikas, MA
Diane O’Rourke, MA

Consultants and Reviewers

Gayle Bluebird
Judi Chamberlin
Jeanne Dumont, PhD
William David Gettys
Susan Eisen, PhD
Karen Hirsch
J. Rock Johnson, JD
Carolyn Kaufmann, PhD
Stephen Leff, PhD
Ann Loder
Jacki McKinney
Carol Mowbray, PhD
Frederick Newman, PhD
Ruth Ralph, PhD
Gilberto Romero
Ron Schraiber
Sheree Neese-Todd


The UIC CMHSRP is part of the ongoing Education and Research efforts of the UIC Department of Psychiatry

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